Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hi ... my name is Chris Smith, or "Shamblesguru Voom" if you meet my avatar in Second Life, the 3D online virtual world.
There are links to lots of different information about me in the column on the right.

I've lived in Thailand since 2002 and before that I was in Hong Kong for a very long time, working with a group of International Schools as the Technology Director and Head of a Teacher Professional Development facility.

How would I describe myself now? .... probably the titles "Educational Consultant" and "Web 2.0 Evangelist" would cover much of my work ... but Shamblesguru likes to be thought of as a "Digital Nomad Scavenger" ... but that's another story.

The name "Shambles" comes from a website I founded and manage

I'm looking forward to our time togeather, I'm planning to be a learner myself as well as a facilitator and hope we all benefit from each others sharing of experiences and skills.
Listen to an audio welcome message from me (Podcast)
OPS ... I think I said the wrong dates in the Podcast  
... it is 19th and 20th March 2009
... this Blog is not only for organisational and information purposes 
but also to model some of the tools available to use with students.

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