Thursday, 5 March 2009

Introduce Yourself

This is where you can introduce yourself ... click on the "COMMENTS" below and just type.

What should you write ...
Well, there are the obvious of name, school, curriculum areas you teach and age group ... but what would be of great help to me with the planning and running of our two days is to get an idea of what your expectations are for our time togeather.
So what would YOU also like to get out of the two days.?

I hope you can write this earlier rather than later so that I can more easily take into account your own specific needs in the planning.

> if you don't want to put your full name here, online, then please just use your first name
> it is adviseable NOT to put your email address here


  1. Hi, this is Norman, a Curriculum Planning Officer from CPDD involved in GP and PW, and I'll get the ball rolling.

    Basically I hope that in the 2 days, I'll be exposed to a wide range of Web2.0 tools and learn how I can make use of them to make lessons more interactive and engaging.

    Also, I am currently working with the launch of Edumall 2.0 and I like to see how I can integrate these tools into our GP & PW website.

  2. Hi everyone!! Sabariah here ;0

    I'm a Curriculum Planning Officer. Prior to this, I was teaching General Paper and Project Work at AJC for 9 years.

    What I would like to take away from the 2 days: to know the various web 2.0 tools available and to be able to use at least 2 tools reasonably well :)

    Have a gd weekend everyone and see you next week!

  3. Hello I'm Cindy. Like Norman, I'm a CPO involved in GP and PW. Before this, I was teaching GP and Lit for about 5 years.

    I'm not exactly adapt at ICT so I hope to pick up at least 2 web 2.0 tools that I can use confidently by the end of the workshop. Currently my use of ICT is limited to providing information (e.g. U-tube videos/ Powerpoint Presentation) but I would like to find out how it can be used to actually engage the students.

    Also, I hope the workshop provides the opportunity to learn from other colleagues who have had more fruitful experiences with ICT.

  4. Hi!
    This is Angie here from Tampines JC. I've been teaching GP for many years, and try to incoporate some multi-media aspect in my teaching. I'd like to learn the latest Web 2.0 tools and see how I can incorporate them in my lessons/programmes

  5. Hi. This is Yani from Millennia Institute. I've been teaching GP for the last 4 years.

    I would like to learn to conceptualise lessons to incorporate web and multimedia tools. I've used them in the past and I've found that students are not necessarily engaged. In fact, some of them zoned out while watching media clips. The success of the lesson also seem to vary with different ability groups.

    So, how can I ensure that my students are more engaged?
    How do I differentiate or customise my lessons for different ability groups?


  6. Hello :)
    Florence from CPDD here. Currently, I'm in the GP & KI team and I was previously from AJC, teaching... GP & KI.
    I'm not quite a digital native, neither am I a digital dinosaur. My interaction with ICT, is largely on a needs basis. I have multiple email accounts, have tried blogging but have no time and inclination to sustain it, & I'm also on Facebook. I can see the potential and power of ICT, but spend most of my non-work time with the greatest distraction of my life at the moment... my babbling-crawling-11-month-old baby.

    I hope that I can explore how some of the really cool ICT & web 2.0 tools can be meaningfully infused into the curriculum and lesson resources. Thank you!