Thursday, 5 March 2009

What to Bring .. and Resources

What should you bring
  • "a traditional chalk-and-talk lesson" that you have previously done or have planned specifically for this session
  • originally you were being asked to bring a laptop but I understand now that the venue is a computer lab .... so it is not essential to bring your laptop ... but if you wanted to bring it then please do !  ... I would be very happy if you did and it is a machine you already feel comfortable with.
  • also bring a headset with microphone if you have one.
If the "traditional chalk-and-talk lesson" is an old one you did then if you had created a PowerPoint (or your students created one) then it could save time if you could bring a copy.
May also be helpful if you could bring a thumb drive (portable storage) if you have one.

It's not possible for me to give you Handouts of a PowerPoint that I have done for this workshop... simply because I've not done one, difficult to do as I do not yet know your own invidual needs.
But I will be giving you copies of handouts from two other workshops I've run "Internet Survival Skills for Teachers" and "Beyond PowerPoint" ... we will not be going through these linearly but are likely to 'dip' into them.

We shall be using a Wiki as an organisational tool during the two days ... I'll be showing you how to drive it if you don't already know .. it is already live so you can go and look now ... although nothing too exciting .. yet ;-) 

I'm not sure if we should agree on a TAG for all the materials related to this workshop ... what do you think? ... I'll go over the pros and cons of this in more detail when we meet.. 

Help for Me
Anyone know any good websites to get more information about Sg General Paper ... if so then please put into 'comments' here

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